Ball's Quarter Horses offers training and instruction in a variety of disciplines, including halter, showmanship, western pleasure, horsemanship, western riding, hunter under saddle, equitation, trail, reining, and versatility ranch horse .

All of the horses go through desensitization, and every horse takes several trips around the reservoir outside of the arena. Training takes place in a wide variety of settings that produces a well-rounded education for the horses and their riders.

Every horse in training receives a high quality and balanced ration to establish and maintain ideal body and coat condition. The horses are fed on a regular schedule to prevent digestive problems.

The barns are kept between 58° and 65° and lighted between 6 am and 10 pm to keep the horses ready for the show pen.



We will have upcoming openings for conditioning and fitting for Halter



& Jeanne Neperud



Jeanne and "Punkin" are two of our most talented students. They
compete heavily in select and amateur showmanship as well as
performance halter. They placed 6th in Showmanship and 5th
in performance halter at the 2007 Bayer Select World Show.
She qualified for the 2007,2008,2009 Bayer Select World Show
and the AQHA World Show.

Jeanne also has points in western horsemanship and western pleasure.


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